Posterboy, 2023

One of a series of performances in a costume made from cowboy movie posters, from everywhere except America. This time, in and around ruined spaghetti western film sets of the Spainish Hoyo de Manzanares dessert.

Lusthus, 2023

A clash of Swedish architectures with nature. A meeting and reflection point for the many groups that inhabit Wik, near Uppsala. Click here for the project website.

Vänersborg Rödfärg, 2022

Cultural conversations and public events involving the cooking of traditional sludge-paint made from Swedish soil. Click here for the project website., 2021

A thousand handmade woodcut prints displayed on the 28 billboards of Göteborg, comparing Swedish and Scots idioms. Marking the 400 year anniversary of the city. Click here for the project website.

Antarctic Thought Experiment, 2020

Dialogues with academics who have never visited their object of study, Antarctica, inform 'translations' from Antarctic metaphors into art objects and performance on video. Click here for a preview with sound.

Still Waters Run Deep, 2019

An evolving installation in the Hardwick gallery, Cheltenham, following interactions with local interest groups, pigeon fanciers, archivists and re-enacters; around the town's origin myth.

All at Sea, 2017

Depicting the artists attempts to relate to a lighthouse, a historical object/building, on a human level. The work indirectly explores genealogy, as well as anatomy, cartography, and being hopelessly lost- separated from historical events and individuals. Click here for a preview.

Quilt Cowboy, 2015

A costume made of quilted foreign-language cowboy movie posters, and a performance film; responding to the American Museum in Britain.

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