All at Sea, 2017

Depicting the artists attempts to relate to a lighthouse, a historical object/building, on a human level. The work indirectly explores genealogy, as well as anatomy, cartography, and being hopelessly lost- separated from historical events and individuals. Click here for a preview.

The Mechanical and Chemical Processes of 16mm, 2016

A dance film on and about 16mm film. Click here for a preview.

Hanover Lines, 2016

Physical performance exploring Hanver Line abberation on PAL testcards, shot on SVHS video.

Quilt Cowboy, 2015

A costume made of quilted foreign-language cowboy movie posters, and a performance film; responding to the American Museum in Britain.

Chimera, 2014

A walking tour across the Bristol Suspension Bridge led by an enthusiastic Don Quixote like guide. The tour takes the group on a journey through meanings of the terms 'wildness' and 'remoteness', to describe what a contemporary chimera might look like. Whilst the tour progresses, performers in the distant landscape become visible through the telescopes provided. Audiences are invited to dress in hiking gear, neon and fluorescent colours.

NH02020 77000, 2013

A journey to the remotest part of Britain, costume-making with Ullapool weavers, and performance photography.

The Eigg Lectures Version 3: Exegesis, 2013

A cross-platform artwork bringing together; aural storytelling, music, theatre, physical performance, and academic analysis. Re-presentations and re-interpretations take place over time, through various intellectual and creative forms. The series explores the convolutions and metamorphosis of a set of seemingly prosaic stories about an artist on the Isle of Eigg.

Tale-Twisting, 2013

A lively talk about the Brayford Isle in Lincoln, in the guise of a re-enactor, exploring the construction and amalgamation of myths over time. The performance drew from stories about the island: some well known, others less so, and used the recorded voices of local people to present often contradictory information.