Sentient Sat Nav, 2018

An hour-long video piece to accompany a journey from Bristol to the Topographies conference in rural Somerset, exploring the declination of the magnetic pole.

Optics + Abberations 2017-18

Research into digital sensors and imaging software, creating costumes and choreography designed to thwart their operation. For instance illustrating the phenomena of Purple Fringing on DSLR lenses, in the style of a Buster Berkley dance sequence. Click here for previews.

The Mechanical and Chemical Processes of 16mm, 2016

A dance film on and about 16mm film. Click here for a preview.

Third gesture, 2016

Two days of performances for passing airport traffic in a mini theatre booth set, at Glasgow Holiday Inn. Costumed aviator attempts to return home on makeshift aircraft fuelled by mysticism and force of will.

Hanover Lines, 2016

Physical performance exploring Hanver Line abberation on PAL testcards, shot on SVHS video.

Off-Press/Print Restraint, 2015

4m-long hand-made woodcut prints in vivid colours made using rudimentary tools, and based on reappropriated older works. The project blog and videos can be found here.

Chimera, 2014

A walking tour across the Bristol Suspension Bridge led by an enthusiastic Don Quixote like guide. The tour takes the group on a journey through meanings of the terms 'wildness' and 'remoteness', to describe what a contemporary chimera might look like. Whilst the tour progresses, performers in the distant landscape become visible through the telescopes provided. Audiences are invited to dress in hiking gear, neon and fluorescent colours.

Mountain, 2014

A 3m high dome of highly patterned fluorescent tent fabric reflecting outdoor culture, and ordinance survey maps. The cavernous interior is lined with white ribbon in patterns inspired by phosphenes and cave art.

Chimera Scotia, 2014

Wicker, outdoor fabrics, and a passing hiker.

Push-Pull, 2014

An experimental collaboration to challenge, curate, steer, cajole, and negotiate new artworks out of existing forms in sequence. The full sequence of 12 films is available to view here.

NH02020 77000, 2013

A journey to the remotest part of Britain, costume-making with Ullapool weavers, and performance photography.

Tale-Twisting, 2013

A lively talk about the Brayford Isle in Lincoln, in the guise of a re-enactor, exploring the construction and amalgamation of myths over time. The performance drew from stories about the island: some well known, others less so, and used the recorded voices of local people to present often contradictory information.

The Eigg Lectures Version 7: Entropy, 2013

A bizarre one-man performance of high speed regurgitated lectures, storytelling, re-enactment, trumpeting and tap-dancing in amalgamated costume.

In Search of the Wildman, 2013

A short film in which the artist goes on a transformational journey- utilising the textures of the landscape, and craft processes.

Vstříc Divočině, 2013

A short film in which a character bedecked in outdoor clothing strives to reach an impossible union with nature.

The Eigg Lectures Version 3: Exegesis, 2013

A cross-platform artwork bringing together; aural storytelling, music, theatre, physical performance, and academic analysis. Re-presentations and re-interpretations take place over time, through various intellectual and creative forms. The series explores the convolutions and metamorphosis of a set of seemingly prosaic stories about an artist on the Isle of Eigg.

The Eigg Lectures Version 4: Misconstructions, 2012

A cross-platform performance that brought together live music, acting, physical performance, audience participation and academic analysis. The result was a bizarre lecture-cum-theatre piece surrounding and bombarding audiences on swivel chairs.

Review, Review, Review, 2012

Audiences were asked to create drawings based on obscure art reviews from the 1990's in exchange for a drink at the bar. These images were amalgamated to create a single visionary image in chalk for each review, on large monolithic blackboards.

Project Eigg, 2008-9

Created with the Isle of Eigg in the Scottish Small Isles, Project Eigg was a long running exploration of how a community can relate to a contemporary and historical island which they inherit or move to. It culminated in a residency, the production of two audio walking guides, and a collection of extraordinary photographs. The project blog can be read here.

Gaps in Archaeology, 2008

Taking artefacts from Leicester's museums, re-making them as art objects, and interviewing representatives from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds as they interpreted the new artefacts.

Church Tattoos, 2008

A response to rifts between youth and traditional churches in Loughborough. Three giant vinyl tattoo images were installed down the aisle of a working church.

Photography by Danielle Heath.

Mystery Photo, 2007

A collaboration with ninety Nottinghamshire County libraries, in which library users were asked to submit their own photographs that they deemed mysterious, indistinct or baffling. 100 images were then categorised using Dewey decimal and formed a photobook/catalogue.

"I am finding that librarians classify information according to a 'primary characteristic': in their assessment the most important aspect of that information. A highly subjective assessment."